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Does I'll start Monday sound familiar to you?

So you've had a baby (or two) and life is great


when you look in the mirror you just don’t feel like yourself.


Your days are busy, you find yourself  tired, unmotivated and can’t help but feel uncomfortable in your clothes.


So after a long time of saying you’ll start Monday - you finally do!


You start a diet, maybe you even join the gym, but you have no idea what exercises to do, you’re hungry and most of all you miss eating tasty food - so you give up.


And now you’re back to square one.


So now you’re left frustrated thinking


“Why is it so hard to stay motivated?”

“Why will the weight not stay off?”

“Why do I struggle eating healthy?”

“Why does nothing work for me?”


I'm Marissa

Mum of 5, coffee-lover, book addict + wifey of Alex 

I’m a fitness coach who for the last 6 years has helped hundreds of women like you feel better in their body again through regular exercise and forming healthy eating habits the easy way.

Nine Four 8 Week Challenge (Online)

Our signature 8 week challenge designed to take busy mums who struggle with motivation and time management to workout and eat healthy consistently.

This means they’re uncomfortable in their body, have low energy and doubt their abilities in achieving their goals alone.

Results you can expect:

✔️ weight loss, toning, better fitness levels + strength

✔️ reduced mood swings, cravings, anxiety and depression

✔️ better quality sleep + more energy

✔️ improved relationships especially with your kids + hubby

Challenge starts Monday October 11th 2021

Winners prize: supplement pack + free entry into our next challenge (worth $750)

  • A set of moderate weight dumbbells is necessary 

The Nine Four Challenge makes losing weight, toning up + getting fit easy by

→ creating a habit out of daily exercise so you never have to rely on motivation again

→ quick yet effective workouts that are challenging, fun and can be done at home in as little as 28 minutes

→ building healthy eating habits that are easy to stick to long term

simplifying how weight loss + toning up works and getting crystal clear on your specific goals



"I used to skip meals, eat anything I wanted without thought (junk) because I didn't respect my body. I also had negative body image and my self talk would reflect that.

Fast forward to working with Marissa and I have truly changed and grouwn as a person. Not only have I lost over 20kg, but my hair, skin, nails, mood and energy levels have improved and best of all I regained my self worth."


Dee Johns, Mumma of 3

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What's included in the Nine Four challenge?

✔️ Weekly planner

Access our planning template so you can easily plan your workouts, meals and daily self care so you never run out of time again

✔️ Follow-along-with-me workouts

I take away the guess work by giving you 3x new follow-along with me video workouts every single week so you can have confidence knowing that your workouts are safe, effective for your goals and will keep  your progress moving along fast.

✔️ Video Trainings

Every week you'll receive a pre-recorded training video walking you through each weeks focus to keep you on track.

I'll be sharing important but often overlooked steps that will help you reach your goals more quickly such as getting crystal clear on your goals, understanding how weight loss works + more

✔️ Group Support

Access our online community for support and accountability when motivation is low

✔️ Check ins

I usually don't do this but I care so much about your progress that every fortnight I'll be checking in with you to keep you accountable, make sure your mindset is in the right place and answer any questions you might have


"I was feeling horrible about my spiralling weight gain, having no energy and not eating healthy.

I never thought I'd love exercise but Marissa makes it fun and really encourages you to go that bit further.

I've not only changed my eating habits, my body has completely changed, I've lost 5kgs too. I feel so much more confident. Her training has transformed me" 


Emma Jones, Mumma of 2

A peek inside 
Nine Four 8 Wk Challenge



Week 1

→ Measurements, fitness testing, before pictures so you have a clear starting point and have a way to measure your progress to keep you accountable

→ BONUS video: learn how to perform good technique for basic exercises

Nutrition training: How to set goals that you’ll actually achieve

  • Get clear on your goals and set a plan

  • Stop wasting time goal setting when you don’t stick it out

  • Learn why you haven’t been successful in the past

  • Learn the easy way to goal setting that will get you exciting results



Week 2

→ Step into this week’s training guns blazing; it’s all about effort, showing up for yourself consistently and learning to enjoy the process over the result 

→ Nutrition training: Basics of nutrition

  • Learn what a calorie and macronutrient is and understand how what you eat affects your health and waistline

  • Discover easy ways to eat healthier without resistance such as eating on a smaller plate, mindfully eating and knowing how to create a balanced meal for weight loss

  • Gain a clear understanding of how good health works


Week 3

→ slight increase in intensity with workouts to increase your metabolism for optimal fat loss

Nutrition training: How to break unhealthy eating habits (boredom eating, emotional eating)

  • Identify unhealthy eating habits you may or may not know you have

  • Learn why you do this and how to break the cycle

  • Start feeling empowered, healthy and confident in eating healthy with ease



Week 4

mid challenge measurements, progress pics and review if changes need to be made

→ introduce more advanced options to accelerate your results

→ fortnightly check in 

Nutrition training: Body types + what to eat + avoid for each for weight loss

  • learn what body type you have so you can eat accordingly - yes it's a thing and it matters!

  • understand types of food that work well with your body type for maximum fat loss the healthy way

  • learn which foods to avoid/eat less of to help you reach your goals faster


Week 5

Nutrition training: Shopping for your health

  • learn how to read the nutrition label on packaged foods so you never overeat again

  • understand how the ingredient list works so you can choose the healthiest option of your favourite foods at the store

  • grocery shopping tips to feel clean, energised and healthy and cooking tips to remain feeling full and satisfied all day long



Week 6

→ fortnightly check in to make sure you’re feeling supported, hold you accountable and answer any questions you may have

Nutrition training: easy tips and tricks to choosing the healthy option

  • set up your kitchen for success with simple ways you can present and store food to make it easy to make the healthy choice

  • learn how to eat out regularly and still stay on track with your health and fitness goals 



Week 7

Nutrition training: weight loss simplified - how to keep it off for good

  • get clarity around the simple way weight loss works through the use of just 4 words - yep it's that easy to understand

  • understand why you've regained the weight you've lost in the past as well as how to lose it easily in the first place

  • learn the 'secret' to losing weight AND keeping it off forever (its not actually a secret, but its so valuable you'll want to be there)



Week 8

→ wrap up week! This weeks workouts will be challenging and fun so you can showcase how far you’ve come and acknowledge your improvements in strength, fitness and endurance

→ Final results + check in: measurements, fitness testing, progress pics and goals review

→ Nutrition training: Rewarding yourself!

  • Learn why your habits and goals MUST be satisfying

  • Celebrate your wins through treating yourself with whatever you chose in week one



"Before training with Marissa I struggled with motivation to exercise, stressed a lot and I was fed up with making promises to myself which I'd never follow through with. I wasn't sleeping properly and I was often cranky and frustrated with the kids.

Working out has given me a sense of purpose again. I'm not as bloated as I used to be, my body is changing every day and I feel great!

I have so much energy now it's crazy. Marissa inspired me to start as she's a mum like me too, she's always saying we can do anything if we just set our mind to it. I don't know where I'd be without her and our fit family.


Brooke Rowe, Mum of 2

 Early Bird Upfront


Join before Tuesday 06 October and save $70 sign up fee!

→ 8 weeks of online training (Val $200)

→ Weekly video training (Val $240)

→ Healthy Habits e-book

→ Weekly planner template (Val $12)

→ Stretching guide (Val $12)

→ Access to our online community (Facebook)

→ Eligible for winners prize - Supplement pack + free entry into next challenge (Val $490)

 Early Bird Payment Plan

$27.50/wk for 8 weeks

Join before Tuesday 06 October and save $70 sign up fee!

→ 8 weeks of online training (Val $200)

→ Weekly video training (Val $240)

→ Healthy Habits e-book

→ Weekly planner template (Val $12)

→ Stretching guide (Val $12)

→ Access to our online community (Facebook)

→ Eligible for winners prize - Supplement pack + free entry into next challenge (Val $490)



You’re unsure if it’ll work with kids

I get it. I have 5 kids of my own with 4 under 4! Working out at home is hard. But that’s exactly why I’ve designed a weekly planner template - so you can organise your days clearly map out when you will exercise and where each day of the week. If you know your kids will be annoying, then plan your workouts when they’re napping or asleep or at kindy. Trust me, it’ll work. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


You struggle getting motivated to workout

Honestly, we all suck at motivating ourselves. That’s why this challenge focuses on ‘routine’. Through routine we’ll make it as easy as possible to successfully complete your workouts every single week, and by week 8 you’ll be getting ready for your workout without even realising what you’re doing!


You have so much going on right now you don’t know if there’ll be time

There’s always time - if I can have 4 under 4 at home with me, run a business, be a home maker and wifey and still workout 5x a week, you can too. I’m not special, I just have systems that work well. You’ll learn these systems throughout this challenge, and the workouts are super quick ranging from 15-30 minutes each day. Thing is, you need to really want it - you need to want to feel great in your body again bad. If you do, then you’ll do great.


You have limited equipment at home

When designing this challenge I wanted to make it as accessible as possible for all women. That’s why all you need is a body, space to workout in and a set of moderate weight dumbbells (4-8kg depending how strong/fit you currently are) to workout with. It’s all about technique baby. Focus on technique, tempo and keeping up with me and your workouts will be awesome.

Nine Four 8 Wk Challenge
IS the right fit for you even if:

Sometimes the only way to really know whether this challenge is the right fit for you is to get in there and test it out, which is exactly why our challenge comes with a
7 day 'do the work' money back guarantee.

If you don't feel like the Nine Four 8 Week Challenge is giving you the value you need to lose weight, have more energy and feel healthy again, just email me at before 12pm Sunday 17 October 2021. 
The only thing you have to do is give evidence you completed t week 1's workout, watch the nutrition training and show me that you've taken all necessary action for that week. 
That way I'll keep you accountable to the commitment you make when you join, and you'll keep me honest about whether this challenge will serve you. 


"I struggled with my body for 3 years since I had my twins; my body shape changed and I felt so uncomfortable in everything I wore.


Marissa gave me healthy eating tips where at first I told her I could never eat so much but guess what I did it and the weight dropped gradually and consistently and I have changed my attitude towards food. I've also loved every single training session I've had and began to feel more motivated too.


I have kept up with the workouts and eating style and am still losing weight and toning. I am 13kg down (almost the size of one of my kids) and I went from a size 16 to a size 12. I have a lot more energy for running after my twins now and my husband is loving the new me too. I am happier and healthier than ever and I owe it all to Marissa. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Stacey Janz, Mum of 2

Before you go…

There’s just one more thing I’d like to mention : if you join my Nine Four 8 Week Challenge your body, mind and health is going to feel and look super different by the 4th of December (eek just in time for Christmas!). All thanks to the fact that you’d have completed your first 8 weeks of training.


And if you’re like “yeah ok Marissa but will it really make THAT big a difference?”


I’d say - well you tell me…


How would you feel if you

→ Had to go shopping because everything was lose and you needed a new wardrobe of clothes?

→ Not only had enough physical energy but mental energy to work all week, happily keep up with the house duties and still take the kids out on the weekend or multiple times through the week?

→ Tried on a dress, walked out and your friend’s mouth drops as she says ‘you look HOT!’

→ Had an increased sex drive and a new found confidence to rock your mans world in the bedroom?

→ Stared at yourself in the mirror and loved what you saw?

→ Wore a bikini to the beach or short shorts feeling confident and proud?

→ Were confident in your parenting abilities because you’re suddenly more patient, nurturing and kind towards your children instead of feeling frustrated, annoyed and longing for some alone time?

→ Knew you were giving yourself the best chance of a long, fulfilling, healthy life actively preventing the worlds top killers - heart disease, cancers and diabetes?

You see this 8 week challenge is much more than achieving an aesthetic goal - it truly does transcend your body into all areas of life. After these 8 weeks you’re going to feel overwhelmed with gratitude and feeling empowered for finally sticking to a goal and achieving it because you finally showed up for yourself and put your health first. Best of all, you’re going to influence others around you to take back control of their health as well, you’ll be the light that everyone needs.

Frequently asked questions

When does the challenge start and end?

The first day of the challenge will be Monday 11th October 2021 and the final day will be the 3rd December 2021.

How is the winner chosen?

I love using points systems for my challenges. Everyone has different body types which affects their actual physical results. That means that even if 2 people are doing the exact same thing regarding their diet and exercise, there is the possibility that one person may obtain better results than the other. That's just not fair in my opinion. Instead I choose the winner based on a points system. Each week during the challenge I will have a daily challenge for everyone to completed noted in our facebook community, a weekly nutrition video and 3x new workouts a week (you're welcome to repeat these workouts on the off days for better results/progress). This works by giving points per action taken ie. 1 workout completed = 10 points, daily challenge completed = 20 points, nutrition training video watched = 50 points and so forth. Whoever has racked up the most points at the end of the challenge will win. If multiple people have the same results, only then will I use the before and after pics to determine the winner.

I have an injury/medical condition - is this challenge still suitable for me?

Unfortunately I cannot give a blunt answer to this as it will depend on the type of medical condition or injury/past injury you have. Please reach out to me at detailing your specific situation before the 9th of October 2021 and I can give you a personalised answer.

Can I do this challenge if I don't have a laptop and only a phone?

Of course! While it'll be more convenient to follow the workouts on a laptop as the screen is bigger, you can of course watch them through your phone. Another option is linking your phone to your smart TV so you can watch the workouts through the TV. The workouts are actually uploaded to Youtube so if you can access Youtube on your tv you can copy the link we give you each day and workout through there as well.

Do I need any equipment to do the workouts?

No gyms, no fancy equipment, you only need a pair of moderate weight dumbbells everything else is body weight! Easy peezy.

Have any questions that aren't listed?

No worries! Contact me at and let's chat so I can help you make an educated decision.

So what are you waiting for?