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Hey! I'm Marissa

- coffee lover, fitness coach, podcast host and and mum of 5


Busy mums are often tired and have no motivation or time for themselves

I help you form healthy habits that are simple, easy to implement and child friendly so you can have more energy and feel fit and comfortable in a body you love

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The Motivated Mum Podcast

Join me every Monday as I share my top tips on how to lose weight, get fit and tone up the healthy way in quick, easy to digest episodes.

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The Health Hub gives you access to quick, easy, healthy recipes that the whole family will love with new additions added every single month!

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Become a part of our #ninefour fit community as we challenge ourselves with fun workouts in a friendly community of likeminded mums. 

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I’ve been a fitness coach for the last 5 years, but I've been eating well and working out consistently for 10 - It wasn't until I realised that so many mothers struggled with having enough energy to balance work/mum life that I realised my life purpose -  Now I’m empowering others to take back control and find themselves again through forming healthy habits in a body they love. 

"I used to skip meals, eat anything I wanted without thought (junk) because I didn't respect my body. I also had negative body image and my self talk would reflect that.

Fast forward to working with Marissa and I have truly changed and grown as a person. Not only have I lost over 20kg, but my hair, skin nails, mood and energy levels have improved and best of all I regained my self worth."

Deanna Johns